First Class Luxury: The 2017 Cadillac Escalade


Few car makers are as iconic as Cadillac. For over a century it has been a mainstay in the American automotive industry and in that time has become the standard of excellence by which all other products are valued (“That’s the ‘Cadillac’ of refrigerators!”). In recent years, Cadillac has seen a brand resurgence thanks to its redesigned fleet of luxury coupes, sedans, and SUVs. Nowhere has this renaissance been more evident than in the reception of its flagship model, the Escalade.

For the 2017 model year, the Escalade is rolling out on either 20″ or 22″ alloy wheels, whichever you prefer, with a full bag of luxurious offerings guaranteed to capture everyone’s attention, including the Joneses. The exterior maintains the iconic Escalade style, while adding a few new features like full LED lighting around head and tail lights as well as the grille’s Cadillac logo.


Of course the interior is where the real luxury bells and whistles are located and the latest model doesn’t skimp on the extras. If you like leather, you’ve come to the right cabin. If you opt for the Platinum trim-line, you’re entering Bentley or Rolls Royce levels of leather upholstery. Whatever trim you choose, lavish materials abound, from the open pore wood trim to the suede and leather encased heated and cooled front driver and passenger seats.

The centerpiece of the interior is the center console, complete with 12.3 inch CUE touch screen filled with every imaginable piece of technology available to modern vehicles, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, a high-powered Bose Centerpoint 2.0 audio system, and even a heads-up display that projects onto the windshield for the driver. From daily commutes to cross-country road trips, if the 2017 Escalade doesn’t have it, it doesn’t exist.

If you’re looking for a luxury SUV that moves you, just pop the hood and feast your eyes on the 6.2-liter 420 horsepowered V-8 engine. Toss in the 8-speed automatic transmission and you’ve got a beast of a machine that clocks in at 60 mph right at 6 seconds. When you factor in the 6,000 lbs of a fully equipped Escalade, ‘beast mode’ is an understatement.

Safety is a premium with Cadillac and they certainly didn’t skimp on the safety features with their flagship SUV. Standard safety features include an automatic emergency braking system for the “Luxury” trim level, and a new front-center airbag system designed to protect against side-impact collisions for all trims. You can also toss in optional features like a Driver Awareness package with lane departure warnings and automatic high beams. Simply put, Cadillac has put their money where your family is when it comes to driving safety.

The bottom line is, this is the newest version of the Cadillac Escalade and Ron Carter Cadillac has yours waiting for your test drive. The best research you can do is put the rubber to the road and experience the luxurious accommodations that await you. Stop in today and put yourself in the lap of luxury driving for the New Year and beyond…



Holiday Driving Safety The Ron Carter Way








As hard as it is to believe, the holiday season is here and for many of us, that means one thing: road trip. While you’re making your plans to visit friends and relatives, Ron Carter Cadillac would like to offer the following suggestions to insure your holidays are truly happy ones.


Living in Houston has many benefits, not the least of which is the mild winters and the typically non-wintery driving conditions. Unfortunately, the lack of snow or ice on the roads can be a double-edged sword as most Houstonians do not have much experience driving in regions where winter comes with road hazards of every imaginable shape and size. So, before you set out on your journey to grandma’s house, be sure to prepare yourself for wintery driving conditions.

  • Plan ahead by checking weather forecasts and plotting your course wisely
  • In the event of any major wintery conditions, always remember main highways and freeways will always be cleared first so plan to use these as much as possible.
  • Make sure your mobile device is charged up in the event of an emergency
  • Be sure your vehicle has emergency supplies (batteries, first aid kit, road flares, etc) before you set off on your journey.
  • Above all else, be sure you are familiar with the many driving techniques and specialty supplies for driving in wintery conditions.


Yeah, we know. Making time for a nap when you’re getting ready for a family trip is about as realistic as retiring on your privately owned tropical island.  That said, nothing makes a road trip seem more like eternal damnation than driving while worn-out. While planning out your itinerary, it would be a great idea to schedule some downtime or even a 15 minute power nap before you start rolling.


Speaking of ‘power naps’, taking breaks during your road trip, especially when you’re tired, is a foolproof way to cure bobbleheaditis.  We know the temptation of trying to shave off a few minutes from your travel time, but if the choice is saving a few minutes or saving lives, we’re pretty sure we know which side of the ledger you’ll want to be a part of. If your family is anything like ours, we’re sure they’d rather you arrive a little late than not at all. So, factor in some time for breaks or even an overnight stay at a hotel if you find yourself unable to continue on the journey safely. Better to crash at Motel 6 than anywhere else along the road.


Another safe driving tip, especially in the winter time, is to watch your speed. Giving plenty of time and distance between your fellow drivers is always a good driving policy, especially when you’re driving in unsafe weather conditions. As challenging as it may be to keep it under 80 mph, it’s always a good idea to maintain safe rates of speed. We know your family won’t mind if you didn’t break any land speed records as long as you arrive at your destination safely.


If the adult beverages are flowing freely at the family gathering, be sure to plan ahead for the return trip. Set a designated driver or simply plan to stay until you’ve recovered from the revelings. Traffic statistics have shown the average number of alcohol-related traffic fatalities rise over 30% during the holiday traveling season. You can prevent yourself and your family from becoming a part of those statistics by planning ahead and celebrating wisely.


We hope these tips will help you in your holiday planning so you can insure you and your loved ones have many more holiday road trips in the future. Just use your common sense and plan ahead and we can all have a very happy 2016. Your friends at Ron Carter Cadillac want to wish you and yours a wonderful and safe holiday season…

Safe Driving Tips for Halloween Night



As hard as it is to believe, the end of another year is fast approaching and with it are plenty of driving challenges for motorists to be aware of starting with Halloween night.  State Farm commissioned a study on Halloween pedestrian injuries and fatalities from Bert Sperling of Sperling’s BestPlaces.  What they discovered was an alarming pattern that all parents and drivers need to be aware of before leaving the house on Halloween night.

Researching over four million records from the year 1990 to 2010, Sperling’s BestPlaces concluded there was an average of 5.5 fatalities each year on October 31st.  While that number may sound small, it should be noted that single stat was more than double the 2.6 fatalities for any other day.  According to their research, the deadliest hour on Halloween night occurs between 6:00 and 7 :00 p.m. and over 60% of Halloween accidents happened between 5:00 and 9:oo p.m.

Needless to say, careless driving can transform Halloween night into a very real horror for all the wrong reasons.  With this in mind, your friends at Ron Carter Cadillac offer the following driving safety tips for Halloween.


Most residential neighborhoods require drivers to keep it under 30 mph in an attempt to keep the number of pedestrian accidents to a minimum.  Of course if you ask anyone who lives in a suburban neighborhood or subdivision you know far too many drivers believe residential speed limits are optional.  It’s important to monitor our speeds through subdivisions at all times and especially on Halloween night.  When trick-or-treaters are out and about, it’s a very good idea to observe School Zone speeds (10 mph lower than the regular posted speeds).  Slow and easy is the only way to roll through the ‘hood on Halloween.


Your speedometer isn’t the only thing to keep your eyes on.  There are plenty of distractions for the modern motorist from cell phones to colorful touch screen instrumentation displays.  While most of us believe we’re the exception to the rules, the truth of the matter is no one is exempt from the laws of physics.  Distracted drivers have a much slower response time than drivers who are paying attention to their surroundings.  It should come as no surprise that many auto/pedestrian accidents are the result of distracted driving.  When you consider how quickly a small costumed child can (and will) dart into traffic in search for their next treat, the importance of keeping your eyes off of your phone and onto the road cannot be overstated.


This may sound like a no-brainer, but you would probably be surprised how many drivers either neglect to turn on their lights or intentionally keep them off to “scare the children”.  The obvious problem with this is darkness = zero visibility.  We feel foolish mentioning this “tip” but sometimes the obvious needs to be stated.  Turning off your lights when driving through a neighborhood filled with trick-or-treaters of every age and size is a recipe for disaster.  So, keep those headlights burning, even in the daylight.

Headlights aren’t the only lights you need to use.  Signal lights are a vital part of communicating your intentions.  Assuming everyone around you can read your mind usually doesn’t end well.  When turning into driveways or onto streets, be sure to use your signal lights so everyone around you knows what you’re doing.

These are just a few common sense tips we hope you’ll put to good use when travelling around your neighborhood on Halloween night.  If we all work together, we can make sure everyone has a happy Halloween…



In With The New 2017 Cadillac CTS Sedan










Hard to believe we’re nearing the end of another year, but it won’t be long before the Christmas lights are back out and Bing Crosby is belting out familiar holiday tunes across the airwaves. With the end of 2016 fast approaching, it’s time to feast your eyes on the newest luxury coupes, sedans, and SUVs coming for the 2017 model year. For luxury sedan aficionados, that means taking a look at what is changing for the Cadillac CTS.

The 2017 CTS will be rolling out with slight changes to its impressive exterior. Clearly the engineers at Cadillac are taking an ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” approach to the CTS exterior design. Small changes to the front grille and the exhaust outlets are the only significant changes you can expect. Where the real changes come are with the luxury trim options.

Cadillac is applying the same trim-level structure they introduced with the ATS to the CTS. The base edition will start at $46,990 and will be available with only the 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder engine. The luxury accouterment available in the base package will obviously be lighter than what is available in the higher tiered packages.

The CTS Luxury package starts at $52,690 and also rolls out with the standard 2.0 liter turbo engine. However, for another $2,000, you can step up to the 3.6-liter V-6 engine. The Luxury package also tosses in standard luxury fare such as heated and ventilated front seats, leather seating across the board, a sunroof, and a variety of safety features like lane-keep assist, forward-collision and blind-spot warning, and more.

Finally you have the CTS Premium Luxury package which will start at the $60,190 mark. The 3.6-liter V-6 comes standard on this package as well as additional luxury features like rain-sensing wipers and parking assist. For an extra $2,000, you can toss in all-wheel drive to go along with your 8-speed automatic transmission.

We haven’t forgotten the sport version of the CTS. With your choice of either the 420-hp CTS Vsport or the high-powered 640-hp CTS-V, Cadillac’s got a collection of luxury packages that are custom designed to keep up with these road-chewing power players. The V-Sport’s trim levels remain mostly the same as last year’s with the base package starting at $61,690 and the Vsport Premium package checking in at $71,790. The CTS-V sees no changes including its price point – $85,990.

With the new model year comes new technologies and 2017 is no different. The CT6’s state-of-the-art review-camera mirror is now available in the CTS Luxury package for $475 and is a standard feature on the Premium Luxury and both Vsport packages.  Teen driver safety technology and enhanced app support are just a few of the upgraded features you can expect in the Cadillac CUE infotainment system as well.

The 2017 CTS is rolling into our showroom as you read this and the Cadillac experts at Ron Carter Cadillac are ready to show you everything the 2017 CTS has to offer you. Shop us online or stop into our showroom, test drive Cadillac’s newest luxury sedan, and experience the Ron Carter Cadillac difference today!

Ron Carter Presents: Money Saving Tips For Car Insurance








Ugh. Insurance, right? What a pain. What a nuisance. What an expense!

The bad news is, if you drive a car, you have to have insurance. Not having it is very much against the law, and will get you into a great deal of trouble if you get caught without it.

The good news is, insurance doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Here are a few things you can do to reduce your monthly car insurance payment.

Carry Liability Only

It’s surprising how many people don’t seem to know this, but you aren’t required by law to carry coverage on your vehicle itself. You can have “liability” coverage, which essentially covers you, the driver, if you cause a wreck that damages somebody else’s car. The insurance company won’t pay for repairs on your vehicle, but you’ll stay out of hot water with the law and the other driver.

Now, there is a caveat to this. If you still owe money on your car, your lending institution will probably require you to carry comprehensive coverage on it until it is paid off.

Raise Your Deductible

Buying insurance is essentially a matter of making a bet. The higher your deductible, the more confidence you’re showing in your ability to avoid a collision. Well, the insurance company is making the same bet, so the lower your deductible, the higher your premium will be, and the higher your deductible, the lower your premium will be.

There is no way to “win” here, but if monthly expenses are your biggest priority, then it makes sense to opt for a higher deductible/lower payment.

Find the Discounts

Discounts vary depending on your insurance company, but drivers can often find discounts for things like taking the bus, for driving under certain mileage thresholds and taking defensive drivers courses.

Look through your insurance company’s website. There is probably a discount for you.

Watch Your Credit

Your credit score isn’t just used for evaluating your risk as a borrower of money. Some companies — and insurance companies are among them — use your credit score to make a judgment about your general reliability, like, as a person. Your credit score is a factor in your insurance premium, so it is a good idea to make sure it’s correct, at the very least, and to work to improve it. Paying off outstanding balances, paying your bills on time and avoiding carrying large credit balances are all good ways to improve your score.

Of course, if your car is in bad enough shape that you’re not carrying comprehensive coverage on it, this is probably a good time to shop for a new one. Come see our friendly sales staff at Ron Carter Cadillac, and we’ll get you into just the right vehicle for your budget and lifestyle.

Ride The Wind At The Cadillac V-Performance Lab


When you think of Cadillac, we’d be willing to bet the word “racing” isn’t among the words or images that come to mind. Most people either think of Cadillac as the gas-guzzling behemoths of yesteryear (complete with fins) or the more modern sedans bearing the Cadillac name like the ATS or the CTS. But, what many people are not aware of is the “V” versions of these models.

The ATS-V and the CTS-V are the power players of Cadillac’s incredible line of luxury sedans, coupes, and SUVs. When we say “power”, we mean it. There is a beast of a drivetrain underneath the ATS-V and CTS-V’s sleek exterior and Cadillac has a brilliant way of proving that to a fortunate few of their customers with their aptly named “V-Series Performance Lab Event”.

This event is held a few times each year in Austin, Texas at the Circuit of the Americas (COTA). The bad news is Cadillac sends invitations to this event to a select few of their customers. The good news is, the event is free should you get one of these invites. The freebies are limited to two on-track sessions but if you want an all-day pass along with tons of racing opportunities, vehicle options, and Caddy-swag, the pricetag is $695.

The best news is even if you never get a chance to race a CTS-V on a F1 racetrack, you can test drive a brand new Cadillac ATS-V or CTS-V any time you want to at Ron Carter Cadillac. We have the purchasing and leasing deals that can put one of these luxuriously powerful vehicles in your garage today! Stop into our showroom or shop us online and don’t just own the most powerful luxury sedan on the market; own the road.


Cadillac’s Truth + Dare Event











Start our engines, Houston! Cadillac is proud to offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to drive every vehicle in their current product line during their Truth + Dare event. If you’ve ever wanted to experience the road-devouring power of the CTS-V or lavish yourself in the luxurious accommodations of the standard-setting Escalade, your day has come.

Entry is simple. Just click this link and register for one of the three days this event will be running in Houston at NRG Stadium (July 28th – July 31st). Space is limited so the sooner you register, the better your chances to have access to every award-winning luxury vehicle in Cadillac’s current inventory.

The entire event takes 2.5 hours with plenty of time given to multiple driving sessions throughout the day. When you register, simply check what time of the day you want and Cadillac will take care of the rest. You must be 21 years of age and have a valid driver’s license to participate. Don’t miss this amazing event brought to you by Cadillac and your friends at Ron Carter Cadillac. Register today and see for yourself why nobody does it like Cadillac…