How To Tell If It Is Time To Change Your Tires

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There are few things more aggravating than having a tire fail while you are driving. Tires fail for a wide variety of reasons, including age, bad wearing, and road hazards. You can avoid the first two by keeping in mind a few simple pieces of advice:

Can You See Lincolns Head?

The noble penny has a feature few motorists know about, one which the designer definitely did not intend to include! Stick the penny into the tire grooves and see if you spot the 16th President’s head. If you can’t then the tire has plenty of wear left on it. If you can see his head on one part of the tire, but not another, it is a sign that your alignment is off and should be corrected. Bad alignments cause tires to wear down unevenly, creating a situation where one tire has “aged” vastly more than the others. A $50 realignment is less expensive than a $100 tire.

How Long Has It Been?

Tires are certified to only last between 3-5 years, after that the rubber can begin to break down. If your tires are used, or you purchased them awhile back, have them inspected on a regular basis. This will help mitigate the risk that your tire will fail while you are driving.

Do You Need to Air It Up Often?

A leaky tire is a flat tire waiting to happen. Take your car to a tire shop and see if it can be repaired. While there, have the other tires checked out. You may be surprised by how often one bad tire can lead to the rest becoming wore out.

Is it Late Spring/Late Fall?

If the season is about to change, check your other set of tires for leaks and and signs of age, this will help guarantee that your commutes go by safely and uneventfully.

Is There any Wear on the Sides?

If you see wear marks on the side of your tires, it is a sign that either they are underinflated or that the alignment is off. Take your vehicle to a tire shop to see what needs to be done to guarantee that you will not have a flat during rush hour.

Visit Ron Carter Cadillac for your selection of new and used Cadillacs in the Friendswood, Houston, and surrounding areas. It’s not too late for a tire change, if your vehicle isn’t driving at its best, stop by today and let our service department inspect your vehicle!


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