Safety Driving Tips For Halloween Night

cadillac blog

This Halloween we want you to stay safe on the road. Whether you are heading out to a costume party, or just making a run to the store for more candy, taking extra precautions while out on the road Halloween night is important! Here are some tips to help you drive safe!

Lights On!

During the fall season, it gets darker a lot faster than you might expect. Turning on your lights while driving is very important, even if it isn’t completely dark outside yet. When your lights are on you are more visible to people and other vehicles, and it allows you to see others equally better.

Drive Slowly

The trick or treaters will be out and about, and the best way to drive safe is to take things slow. If you are in a neighborhood, drive approximately 5 mph slower than the actual speed limit, as there will be larger amounts of people and children roaming the streets.


If you are the queen of carpooling on your neighborhood block, and you’re driving the kids from door to door, then make sure to put your flashers on. Your hazard lights will signal to other drivers that your vehicle will be making frequent stops while making your way throughout the neighborhood.

No Booze

Drinking and driving is never a good idea. If you plan on drinking while you are out with your friends, or hitting up a spooky party, make sure to have a designated driver before leaving the house, or make other arrangements with a cab company for a ride.

Ron Carter Cadillac wants to keep you safe this Halloween, so make sure to follow these simple safety driving tips! If you’re car is becoming spookier than your ghoul costume, then maybe it’s time to head on over and browse our exclusive inventory! Stop by today for a Halloween treat and hop in a brand new Cadillac!


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