Head of the Class: The 2017 Cadillac XT5


If you’ve been following the latest news from Cadillac, then you’ve undoubtedly heard rumors and rumblings about their upcoming luxury crossover, the all-new XT5. Well, the unveiling is upon us and the automotive world is buzzing with excitement about Cadillac’s latest offering.

As of this writing, Cadillac has not unveiled the official specs list, so what follows is a gathering of the rumors and speculation from industry insiders:

  • Space, The Luxurious Frontier: The XT5 comes within an inch of the outgoing SRX exterior dimensions while offering even more room in its cutting edge interior.
  • Did I say “cutting edge”?  I meant, “tip-of-the-technological-iceburg”.  GM’s engineers have apparently created “a computer on wheels” including the rumored addition of their Super Cruise® semi-autonomous driving system.
  • Fuel For Your Horses: GM has already unveiled their 300 horsepowered 3.6L V6 in their ATS and CTS but before you long for the V8 powered behemoths of yesterday, factor in the XT5’s 3,999 lbs for the front-wheel drive and 4,277 lbs for the all-wheel trim and you’ll be singing Cadillac’s praises every time you stop at the pump.
  • Sport Centered: If you’d still like a few more ponies under the hood, rumor has it Cadillac will be rolling out a sporty version of the XT5 in later model years.  The XT5 V-Sport will most likely be rolling with 350 horses thanks to GM’s 3.0L Twin-Turbo V6 LGW engine.

These are just a few of the highlights for the upcoming unveiling of Cadillac’s latest creation. At Ron Carter, we’ll be keeping you informed on the offical arrival of the XT5 as well as providing you with an opportunity to test drive this remarkable vehicle as soon as they are delivered to our showroom.  If the rumors are true, you’re about to enter a new era of luxury driving, courtesy of Cadilllac and Ron Carter.  So stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and website and schedule your test drive for a new class in luxury driving.


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