Six Ways To Improve Your Fuel Efficiency

fuel mileage

Having a high fuel-efficiency vehicle is an excellent way to reduce your weekly fuel bill, and help improve the environment. However, merely owning the vehicle is only the first step in the challenge to minimize your fuel usage. Here are six ways to maximize your fuel efficiency regardless if you’re in town or making a cross country trip.

Perform Regular Maintenance

A fuel-efficient vehicle is still powered by a gas guzzling motor. This means that maintenance should be performed to guarantee long-term viability of the car, and the maximum efficiency for every drop of gas used. Change the oil on a regular basis, and follow car manufacturer guidelines for replacing the rest of the fluids, belts, and all of the filters.

Be Gentle with the Gas Pedal

Sudden acceleration forces your engine to operate in a lower gear ratio than is optimal. This results in greater fuel usage, and an increased wear on the engine and transmission. By accelerating at a slow, but steady pace, it is possible to minimize the amount of time your car spends in the lowest gear ratios.

Give Your Car Plenty of Time to Stop

Modern hybrids in hyper fuel-efficient vehicles utilize the engine to recharge electric batteries that power the electric motors, normally used to operate the car. By coasting whenever possible, you’re allowing the gasoline engine to recharge the electric batteries in the most efficient manner possible. Older vehicles charge their batteries through the brakes as well, so make a point of studying your car manual to determine the best way to recharge your batteries.

Know Your Battery’s Limits

Electric motors can only operate as long as there is plenty of charge in the battery. As mentioned above, it is vital to keep the battery charged whenever possible. Additionally, as your high fuel-efficiency vehicle ages it will become important to replace the larger batteries powering the electric motors. Take the time to understand when and how to replace them, and know that there is a chance that you might have to take the vehicle to a specialized facility.

Plan Your Route to Take Advantage of Long Straight Roads

To obtain the highest fuel efficiency possible, your car has to operate in the highest gear ratios at a steady speed for long durations. Long highways are perfect for obtaining the best mileage possible. Whenever planning a trip, make a point to minimize the time you spend on a small, curvy, roads.

Do Not Drive Immediately Behind a Semi

Driving in the draft of another vehicle is a popular way to reduce air resistance, and thought to improve fuel efficiency. It is tempting to take advantage of this whenever possible, helping to scrape an additional mile or two of fuel efficiency out of the tank of gas. However, this is exceptionally dangerous, and risks destroying your vehicle if the truck has to suddenly brake. In the long run, it is better to pay an additional four or five dollars at the gas pump, than to risk your life and get in an accident.

To learn the most about the fuel efficiency with your vehicle, stop by Ron Carter Cadillac and speak with one of our qualified staff members! They can help you get into a car that will save you gas, and keep you on the budget you had planned! Not looking for something new? Our trained specialists can help you keep your car maintained for the best fuel-efficient techniques for your car!



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